Q: How do we secure Laconic Weddings as our wedding photographer / videographer? 
A: We require a 25% booking fee upfront to hold the date, along with a signed wedding contract. 

Q: Is our booking fee refundable? 
A: Unfortunately not, please make 100% sure you want to book us for your wedding. 

Q: How many shooters will we get? 
A: We always have two primary photographers / videographers per wedding to make sure that we are able to get multiple angles and capture as many moments as possible! 

Q: My fiancé doesn’t like having their photo taken, and we don’t want lots of posed shots - is that a problem? 
A: Not at all! We aim to capture the more candid moments over the staged/posed shots. We want to document the day in a journalistic way, and capture the memories that happen during the day, rather than trying to create them. 

Q: Are you available internationally? 
A: Yes! We love to travel and would be more than happy for your wedding to take us on an adventure.

Q: Do you have back-up equipment on the day? 
A: We have two photographers, two full frame camera bodies, a variety of lenses. Both cameras have two memory cards, and we have multiple spares! 

Q: Do we need to provide food for you? 
A: We would greatly appreciate food for bookings of 6hr or more. Shooting for long periods of time gets pretty tiring, and a meal would be good to keep our energy levels up! 

Q: Where should we seat you? 
A: Wherever you’d like! We’re happy to be a part of the guests, and also happy to sit separately. 

Q: Are you willing to work overtime? 
A: Yes, but an additional fee of £200.00 per hour will be required. 

Q: How long will we wait to receive our photos/video? 
A: The waiting period can be up to 12 weeks, however we usually get them to you sooner! It just depends how busy things are at the time. 

Q: Can we request the RAW files? 
A: Unfortunately not, as creators we put a lot of effort into our editing and believe this is what makes our work our own. 

Q: Can you provide both video and photo services simultaneously on our wedding day? 
A: Unfortunately not. We aim to provide the best possible photographic or video services on your special day. This gives us the best opportunity to capture moments from multiple angles and allows us to concentrate on either craft (photo or video), thus ensuring that you get the best quality coverage of your day.  
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